Jansen Art Gallery/ Sidney Fine Arts Center
Contemporary and Historical Art

Hiroshima Exposition 2016

Jessica receiving her BFA

Chevalier David Jansen MDAChevalier David Jansen MDA is a professional artist and educator from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. David studied chemistry in Cal Poly University, and later began working within the family painting business developing new types of acrylic paints for all genre artists. 

In 1997, he and his wife Martha opened the Jansen Art Studio with the goal of developing new generation, non toxic art materials while preserving the symbolism and techniques of older decorative and artistic styles of painting. David received a degree of Certified Decorative Artist in 1987 and Master Decorative Artist in 1990. He has also received the Gold Medal from the Korean Society of Decorative Artists, and was knighted by the French government (Chevalier) in 2007 for his work in preserving the history and traditions of the arts.  

David has painted for many private collections including the White House collection and the Smithsonian. Together, David and his wife Martha have traveled over 1 million miles, throughout Asia, Australia, South and North America and Europe, teaching new methods of painting while preserving the history and techniques of the historical styles.   In 2008 the Jansen Art Studio combined with Matisse Derivan from Australia to develop Heritage Acrylics, a non-toxic acrylic paint system that works like oils. This system is not only non- toxic, but also green, and the only paint system he uses for his work. 

In 2017 David and Martha purchased the Sidney Fine Arts Center in Sidney, Nebraska as a way of expanding the gallery and to also be closer to their grandchildren.  

David currently paints and teaches at the Jansen Art Studio in Nebraska as well as several other countries with his wife Martha and daughter Jessica. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.